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Race Signals



Basic Principle

Part 1 Fundamental Rules RRS:

Part 2 When Boats Meet RRS:

Part 3 Conduct of a Race RRS:

Part 4 Other Requirements When Racing RRS:

Part 5 Protests, Redress, Hearings, Misconduct and Appeals RRS:

Part 6 Entry and Qualification RRS:

Part 7 Race Organization RRS:


A Scoring

B Windsurfing Competition Rules

C Match Racing Rules

D Team Racing Rules

E Radio-Controlled Boat Racing Rules

F Kiteboard Racing Rules

G Identification on Sails

H Weighing Clothing and Equipment

J Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

K Notice of Race Guide

L Sailing Instructions Guide

M Recommendations for Protest Committees

N International Juries

P Special Procedures for Breaking Rule 42

R Procedures for Appeals and Request

S Standard Sailing Instructions

T Arbitration

Protest-form (PDF)


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